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Grizzly Bear Hunting with Inzana OutfittersGrizzly Bear Hunts in BC Canada
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Grizzly Bear Hunting

Hunt for Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear hunting is strictly regulated in British Columbia with the Limited Entry Draw System for residents and quotas for guides. We are allocated a limited amount of grizzly tags for our area and we have a healthy grizzly bear population which has resulted in a very high success rate on our hunts. For 2013-2016 our quota for Grizzly has been reduced to just 2 Grizzlies over 5 years so our rates have gone up accordingly and you need to book early.

Seeing a grizzly is always a highlight for any hunter or outdoorsman and successfully harvesting a grizzly is the highest accomplishment for any hunter in North America.

Rates & Schedule

Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt

May 1st to June 15th

  • 7 day hunt (8 nights) 1 on 1 $8995 (CDN)
  • $5000 kill fee
  • One black bear is included
  • See Hunting Rates for other Licenses and Fees


Recent Photos

Grizzly Bear Hunting  Grizzly Bear Hunting

Limited Amount of Tags

Grizzly Bear Hunting in BC Canada

Hunter Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you all know how much my son and I enjoyed and appreciated the awesome hunting experience you provided. The accommodations hospitality and food at base camp was outstanding."
D Sjule - BC Hunter Magazine Fall 2002